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maandag, maart 6, 2017

Dreams Become Reality in Dream City Idols!

Welcome to Dream City Idols - the place where players can live out their dreams of becoming Pop Stars! Dreams Become Reality in Dream City Idols! Become part of Dream City, homeland of the social elite! Here you will find celebrities, models and millionaires alike, all aiming to become number 1.

In this game, you’ll start off as a nobody but will eventually climb the ranks to stardom with the help of those around you as well as through hard work and dedication. Other features include:

● Climb the ranks to the top of stardom through gaining favor with other Idols
● Interact with thousands of players, maybe find your dream match!
● Customize not only your avatar, but also your home, pet, and even your own store
● Live in an ever-changing city, make money, fall in love, join clubs, the choice is yours!
● Become entangled in the love life of Lady Q, the celebrity girl next door

Interested to be among the first to try Dream City Idols out? Well, you can pre-register for the game now!