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Facebook Virtual 3D FashionManagement
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Be an established fashion designer and earn a lot of in-game cash.

Purchase sewing facilities, clear weeds and set up your displays in your store.

Visit other people’s worlds and earn materials for designs.

Being a fashion designer can both be fun and exciting, and harrowing at the same time. You’ll have to race against time to get your designs ready, approved by the client and then produced for displays so people will be able to at least look at them, or purchase them straight from the stands.

That’s why not everyone can be a fashion designer in the real world: it requires a lot of skill and heart.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot be a fashion designer in the online world. Virtual world simulators like Fashionista exist specifically to give you that chance of experiencing what’s life like for fashion designers every day. Not as demanding as the real ones but just enough to give you an overview.

So, first, go to the game’s App Page on Facebook and click on Play Now.

Once you’ve fully loaded the game, you’re greeted by your mentor. You’ll be given a set of quests that should be enough to teach you the ropes of playing the virtual world sim. There are a total of four tasks that your mentor will be prepared to assist you with, then you’re left on your own. Make sure to keep your eyes on these quests, because they’ll be there to guide you along the way especially at the start of your journey as a virtual fashion designer.

There are, in general, four tasks that you’ll be encountering when playing Fashionista. First, you have to produce certain designs. You do that by purchasing manufacturing facilities from the Shop. There’s a plot of land behind your boutique in which to put those facilities. You’ll have to clear that land of weeds though.

On the other hand, you should also stock up your display stands in the boutique so customers can come in and buy whatever is put up in the store. Once those run out, you’ll have to replenish them by producing replacements using your facilities.

You’ll also encounter customers who pass by that will want to ask you for your opinions on what they’re wearing on that day. Answer them favorably and you can get extra rewards.

Accomplishing tasks will give you rewards in the form of in-game coins and experience points. Leveling up unlocks new designs and lets you expand your boutique, among other rewards.

You could also choose to visit other designers’ boutiques and properties. There, you can do task that will reward you with raw material for your designs.

Exploring Fashionista is the best way to understand what it really has in store for you as the player. Go ahead and play it on Facebook. It’s free! Fashionista Summary